Thursday, 2 April 2009

I cut my own legs off ... and I've never been happier

Apparently, that was the title of one of Jerry Springer's shows, back in the day. I only mention it because last night I found myself sitting on the famous Richard and Judy sofa, with Jerry (we're now on first name terms) and some other people too unfamous to mention, talking about St George's Day. It was a pre-recorded thing which will be going out on R&J's show on Monday 20th April, I'm told. That's three days before St George's Day, for those of you who haven't been paying attention.

This would be slightly more exciting if the duo were not these days consigned to an obscure satellite channel, but nevertheless ... it's only a few weeks since I was being interviewed by John Humphrys on Today about canals. Clearly I have arrived, in spectacular fashion. John Humphrys and Richard Madeley in one short month: what more can a man expect to achieve in his life? From here on, my existence is surely going to be a series of dark, empty anticlimaxes.


EB said...

Well that's it, you must be famous too. But people are hard to please - I suppose next you'll be wanting people to listen and then even Do Something?

I missed the canal bit and we haven't got satellite, but I'm enjoying the book, if enjoying is the right word.

Andrea said...

Hi, there's a nice Mark Steel radio show this week about the 'stroppy' citizens of Lewes, who amongst other things boycotted their local pub until the brewery owners brought back Harvey's ale -