Tuesday, 17 February 2009

English liberty: still with us?

George Monbiot writes interestingly today in the Guardian about the need for an English parliament. And I don't just say that because he mentions me.

It's good to see people on the left picking up on what is generally (and wrongly) assumed to be something of a 'right wing' issue. As George points out, it's actually an issue of democracy for the people of England.

I'll be speaking on this and doubtless some other things in ten days at the Convention on Modern Liberty, a day-long event which I reckon would be worth a visit if you're nearby. Might see you there.


gadgie said...

Monbiot grudgingly admits there is a problem like you would throw a dog a bone.

Toque said...

Every dog has its day Gadgie. Let's be grateful for the bone, it's a sign that our day is coming.

Paul said...

Not sure that's fair, Gadgie. He's pretty clear about the democratic injustice; he just hedges it about with some typical Guardiany stuff about his lack of patriotism etc. But I think Toque is right, and actually George is right too, to a large degree: it's not necessary to be a nationalist or a patriot to want an EP. You just have to be a democrat.

Cheeky Boy said...

There's as much chance of an EP as there is of there being an 'England' in 20 yrs time. So not much point in worrying about it really,is there?