Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Idle pleasures

Another day, another book launch. Yesterday I was swanning around in Soho at the launch of the latest issue of the Idler, which was combined with a seminar on how medieval economics can save the world. Met some brilliant, eccentric, inspiring and radically idle people over pigeon pie and ale. The Idler's editor, Tom Hodgkinson, is a terrific man - a kind of slimline Chesterton for the 21st century, and if you've not read any of his books I'd recommend them. As practical manifestoes on how to free yourself from the slavery imposed by 'the Thing', they can't be beat. They're also very funny.

Anyway, the latest issue of the Idler, entitled 'Smash the System', is out now, and includes an essay by yours truly on the need to revive our ancient English tradition of getting angry and staging abortive revolutions. It seems particularly pertinent now. Also there is much other excellently thought-provoking stuff, perfect for a revolutionary summer. The Idler is typeset and created by the same team who have produced my Dark Mountain manifesto. Hopefully both will be equally influential.

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Liza said...

I just read your essay and I found it brilliant and illuminating. I'm embarrassed to say how little I know about my father's country's radical history (for some reason he fled across the pond and decided to procreate in New York City). Here in the states we are brainwashed with the faux-radical story of America whereby England is always reduced to a monolithic monarchy filled with content, reserved oppressors. I think both nations' residents would benefit from a learning more about the true response to 1066.