Tuesday, 15 April 2008


For those who aren't already members, I should mention that Real England has its very own Facebook group, which you can join here.

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Sandra Shevey said...

I`d like to learn a little bit more about you - who you are? where you come from? what you do? and how you manage to publish your books?

I too am concerned about the erosion of a way of life that`s been in Britain for centuries.

I think there is a way to accommodate immigration and the changes in demographics that it brings.

The real culprits are the developers and the politicians who accede to their demands and assist them in getting round the red tape.

I`m an one-woman crusader for the survival of London`s ancient markets. I am age 64 and have been running walking tours for decades celebrating the diversity of the markets (www.geocities.com/sandra_shevey/classic_tan3.html)

Using housekeeping money I made a documentary DVD of 28 minutes duration about `London`s Ancient Markets: Their Fight for Survival` (http://sandrashevey.tripod.com)

I also attempted to run for Mayor of London on the populist street market platform and fully intend to run for London Assembly and/or Borough Councillor at the first opportunity.

There is a book to be done about London`s ancient markets; indeed the ancient markets of Britain, and possibly even the world and I`d like to hear from anyone interested in investing in this enterprise.

We uploaded our doc onto 4docsFour following which I uploaded a formal online presentation only to discover, and from the commissioning editor, that `we have something very similar in the pipeline`.

So I could use a pro bono lawyer too.