Sunday, 30 March 2008

Two pieces

For those who missed it, yesterday's Guardian book extract can be read online here.

And today I have a piece about the thorny old 'English question' also up on the Guardian's website here.


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for your article. i too am worried that residents don't seems to be standing up to what's going on in our cities. we have a big campaign in Lancaster against developers who want to turn this historic city into yet another clone town. we have 12 green party councillors who've been fighting as much as they can but they're outnumbered. we have a really organised group of activists under the name of It's Our City and another group (of artists, musicians, writers and others) called Carnival of Culture. We've made a film about what's going on here and are hoping to use that as a way of waking people up a bit ! thanks a lot for your work - looking forward to your book.

Steve said...

Paul, I was a bit disappointed that your piece about selling off city centres to developers didn't attract more blog comments. The idea that a council can flog off our common law access rights just like that should have people up in arms.

Here is my comment on your piece.

Please let me know if I have understood this issue correctly. I don't know a great deal about land and property law but I feel that councils should not be able to turn city streets into private roads just to ease a property deal through.